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Dec 2016
Crab Bisque with Celery Root Flan

A friend and fellow food writer/cookbook author posted this a day or two ago: "For the next 2 weeks, I'm going to cook whatever I want and I'm not going to write it down, save the receipts, or set a timer. So there!" Which, to the average reader, might not make much sense. Or if it does, might not seem like that big a deal. Pfft, such a thing to complain about. Writing things down? Setting a timer? Oh, but I shook ...

Oct 2013
Northwest Cuisine: My New Series

Thrilled to announce that my first-ever self-published e-book was released earlier this week. For this initial entrée into the new realm, with The Northwest: Crab, I have revived some content from projects dating back a decade or so. The Northwest Homegrown Cookbook Series was one of the most personal projects I had the opportunity to ...

Aug 2012
Green Goddess Crab Salad

It's such a delightful problem to have. More crab than you can eat in one sitting. Friends who have a home on Whidbey Island had had pretty good luck with the crabbing last weekend,  got through as much as their family could consume, then dropped a quick email to see if we'd like to take some off their hands. Next thing you know, we're picking a parking lot to meet in, they handed off 4 Dungeness crab that had been caught-and-cooked the ...

Jul 2011
Grilled Dungeness Crab

I know weather was pretty dismal this past spring in many parts of the U.S., not the least up here in the Northwest where we brokethe kinds of records you're never too excited to hear about: the coldest April; the next-to-wettest March. So now that the last week or so has actually been summery, with crystal clear skies and warm temps (we're due to break 80 degrees again today!), it ...

Dec 2009

As usual, I walked into the grocery store last night not sure what we'd end up having for dinner. I was thinking "pork tenderloin" but when I got to the meat & seafood department, those big, plump Dungeness crab really caught my attention. At under $5 per pound, they were impossible to resist. Just Wednesday, I'd been talking with guests at Tom Douglas's Cookbook Social about Dungeness crab, particularly with one couple who pull up plenty of their own crab throughout ...