• Let’s collaborate Let’s collaborate If you’ve got a story that needs telling or a problem that needs solving related to ingredients, recipes, editorial content or associated themes in the world of food and beverage, let’s talk about how I can help you out.
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  • My work I’ve been writing, editing and contributing to cookbooks for over 20 years, mostly through traditional publishing but also custom publishing, digital publishing and other formats.
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  • Teaching & Speaking Whether it’s by way of classes in-person or online, or speaking on industry webinars or at culinary conferences, I’m available to teach and speak on topics ranging from Northwest food traditions to French culinary techniques to how to write recipes.
    Teaching & Speaking
    Teaching & Speaking

Well-crafted stories and expert culinary insights

Culinary Consulting

A wearer of many hats, I focus on consumer-directed content on the topics of food, beverage and travel. This covers options from customized original recipes, to flavor profiles and story-telling.


It makes for a full shelf, the books I’ve worked on through my career, with nine solo cookbooks and a couple dozen more that I’ve co-authored, contributed to or edited.

Teaching & Speaking

It is pure pleasure to pass along my culinary knowledge and experience, helping others feel more inspired and confident in the kitchen.

Cooking Classes

Join me for a cooking class any time to want with Craftsy! Student seem to be enjoying themselves…. “Very inspiring, well-taught class” “Fabulous teacher makes it look easy” “I loved this class!” See for yourself.


What People Say

“Cynthia understood our vision and ran with it to create unique programs that were exactly what we were looking for. She really understands how to market food and write about it in a way that makes sense to consumers.”
—Loren Queen,
Domex Superfresh Growers


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