games in the news

Jan 2012
Game Smarts

One fun thing about social media is that you truly just never know what interesting new thing you're going to learn as you scope out your Twitter feed or check new Facebook posts. Here's a little bit of game trivia that I picked up via Twitter this morning: the celebrated American writer Mark Twain once created a board game. The inspiration was a "game" of sorts that he'd created to help his young daughters learn the names and reigns of British monarchs ...

Mar 2010

That last post I made hinted at the old yarn that laughter is the best medicine, evidenced by boisterous laughing that resulted from a couple games of Apples to Apples we played on Saturday night. Just a few days later came this article in the Wall Street Journal focused on ways to "outsmart Alzheimer's," one tactic of which includes playing games. Games to the rescue yet again! And further proof that good fun is good for you. One of ...