Food Products

Apr 2017
Specialty Food Awards

When I saw the information yesterday about this year's awards from the Specialty Food Association, my eyes glanced quickly passed the baking mixes and chocolates, proceeding down the page to my pet subjects (I was going to say "pet foods" but that sounded just not quite right...): salty-crunchy things and other savory treats. Which echoes pretty much exactly how I chart my visits to the organization's two annual trade shows, the huge January version in San Francisco, and the ...

Jul 2015
Fancy Food Show, New York Edition

I went. I saw (and tasted). Not sure if I conquered, but I did my best. Last week was my first trip to the New York version of the annual bi-coastal specialty food extravaganza known as the Fancy Food Show, put on by the Specialty Food Association It's at least double the size of the San Francisco show held each January (which I've been to 6 or 8 times in the ...

Apr 2014
A World of Salt near Seattle

Seattleites may not know it, but right in our backyard is one of the country's (actually, the world's) top purveyors of that darling of the kitchen: gourmet salts. SaltWorks up in Woodinville has been in this business since 2001. Its earliest inception is one of those classic entrepreneurial stories of a one-time hobby taking over someone's life to the point that there was little choice but to open a business given the hobby's growing demand for space. The entrepreneurs in this case are ...

Jan 2013
Snacky Highlights from Fancy Food ’13

Spanish potato chips cooked in extra virgin olive oil, crackers made with pilsner and porter beers, crunchy seaweed snacks coated with rice flour, and countless variations on flavored popcorn--it was quite the snacker's paradise among the vast array of products at this year's Fancy Food Show, which wrapped up this week in San Francisco. Sounds like fun, I'm sure, but my visit really was work....

Jan 2009

It must be a sign of the times (one of many) that I flipped through my morning Wall Street Journal yesterday to find an item about new advertising efforts by the Velveeta folks "designed to appeal to budget-conscious consumers." They're taking advantage of this weekend's Super Bowl snack-o-rama for some targeted (Internet-savvy women aged 25 to 50 -- hey, that's me!) grassroots outreach. They've sent "party packs" to 2,500 Velveeta lovers, so the article notes, who hopefully will ...