May 2014
Rosemary Toasted Walnuts with Tart Cherries

It's great when life confirms for you now and then that you are, indeed, hanging out with the right people: folks with similar outlooks on life, priorities in line with your own. I've had some recent examples of that this past week based on conversations about the weather. In someone else's circle, that might mean talk of relishing longer, warmer afternoons for a game of golf, or perhaps chatter turns to ...

Sep 2013
Snacking with Style: Bubbles and Popcorn

It was one of those moments that I wish I had anticipated having my camera ready. The place was the venerable Canlis restaurant in Seattle. The occasion was very rare lunchtime gathering as the venue of choice for a trade gathering with Ferrari sparkling wines from the cooler northern region of Italy, the Adige Valley near the impressive Dolomite Mountains. And the moment was when the celebrated winemaker was told of a potential food pairing for his sparkling wine that he ...

May 2013
Oysters + Wine, Bliss

I've been in Paris nearly two weeks now and so far only indulged in oysters once. It was at a tiny, bright, delightful little spot in the Latin Quarter that I'd read about in research, Huitrerie Régis. Got there just after doors opened at 6:30 on Saturday evening and scored the best among just about 7 two-tops. Never been to a place with as limited a menu (not counting a hot dog cart), it's ALL about the oysters, plus shrimp ...

Mar 2011
Wines of Washington: Dynamic & Delicious

There was a time when I really did try to keep up. In years past I was not only covering the local wine scene a bit more directly when I was food editor of Seattle magazine. But I also traveled to Bordeaux, France, with the team from the Washington Wine Commission to translate at the booth for VinExpo (the world's largest wine trade show, or at least it was at the time, early 2000s). I tried to stay on ...