Salty Snacks

Jan 2019
Portabella Mushroom Chips

First couple weeks of the new year of course means that it's time to pull out those crystal balls and have a gaze at anticipated trends for the year. I tend to put about as much credence into food trend prognostication as I do my daily horoscope. That is to say: read, ponder, consider how much overlap with what I've noticed going on and wait to observe what actually happens. Both examples enjoyable and interesting in their own ...

Apr 2017
Specialty Food Awards

When I saw the information yesterday about this year's awards from the Specialty Food Association, my eyes glanced quickly passed the baking mixes and chocolates, proceeding down the page to my pet subjects (I was going to say "pet foods" but that sounded just not quite right...): salty-crunchy things and other savory treats. Which echoes pretty much exactly how I chart my visits to the organization's two annual trade shows, the huge January version in San Francisco, and the ...

May 2014
Rosemary Toasted Walnuts with Tart Cherries

It's great when life confirms for you now and then that you are, indeed, hanging out with the right people: folks with similar outlooks on life, priorities in line with your own. I've had some recent examples of that this past week based on conversations about the weather. In someone else's circle, that might mean talk of relishing longer, warmer afternoons for a game of golf, or perhaps chatter turns to ...

Mar 2014
Spicy Peanut Butter Cookies with Dukka

Authors aren't supposed to have favorite book projects, or so I've heard, just as a mother's expected to not profess having a favorite kid. And of course I do have a special affection for all the books I've worked on over the years. But just between you and me, Salty Snacks was a particular favorite. Not ...

Feb 2014
New Snacks Class!

Right after the new year, I headed back to Denver, the home of Craftsy, to shoot another class for this fun, dynamic platform for those who love to get creative with anything from cake decorating to quilting. And cooking is certainly a most delicious way to get creative! This new class reflects my lifelong love of all things salty -- the focus of the lessons in Homemade Salty Snacks (this link ...

Oct 2013
Mustard Soft Pretzels: In Honor of October

I realize Octoberfest isn't relegated strictly to the month of October, in its homeland of Bavaria in southern Germany, the beer-fueled festivities tend to start late September. But still, the act of flipping the calendar page this morning to October inspired this brief consideration of the fall festival that plays out globally this time of year. My contribution to the party is this recipe for soft pretzels from my most recent book. This was one of the last additions to the Salty Snacks...

Sep 2013
Snacking with Style: Bubbles and Popcorn

It was one of those moments that I wish I had anticipated having my camera ready. The place was the venerable Canlis restaurant in Seattle. The occasion was very rare lunchtime gathering as the venue of choice for a trade gathering with Ferrari sparkling wines from the cooler northern region of Italy, the Adige Valley near the impressive Dolomite Mountains. And the moment was when the celebrated winemaker was told of a potential food pairing for his sparkling wine that he ...

Jan 2013
Hot Artichoke Salmon Dip: Super Bowl Indulgence

It's kind of funny to me that this month I've been talking up game-day snacks as much as I have. A few years ago my cookbook Gourmet Game Night was released and I spent a lot of time explaining that the "game" I had in mind was Scrabble or dominoes, rather than venison or football. Though in truth, the latter was a least a close approximation. Whether our attention is directed at watching a football game or playing a poker game, the ultimate ...

Jan 2013
Snacky Highlights from Fancy Food ’13

Spanish potato chips cooked in extra virgin olive oil, crackers made with pilsner and porter beers, crunchy seaweed snacks coated with rice flour, and countless variations on flavored popcorn--it was quite the snacker's paradise among the vast array of products at this year's Fancy Food Show, which wrapped up this week in San Francisco. Sounds like fun, I'm sure, but my visit really was work....