Kitchen Tips

Jan 2013
Learning to Cook, by the Book

It was a simple enough question, but it caught me off guard. "Can you recommend a cookbook for the basics, for someone starting out in the kitchen?" Paraphrased, that's what was posed to me by someone a few weeks ago at one of my book signings. Um. Well. Gee. I told her about Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, but ...

Dec 2012
Recipe Variations: Thumbprint Cookies

Having just completed a few months of heavy-duty (and fun) promotion of my latest book, it's probably no surprise I've been deeply engrossed in salty snacks lately. When demonstrating or sampling a recipe from the book , the key is to represent the books recipes exactly as written to give folks an authentic taste of results they can expect. Which can take a bit of discipline on my part -- when I'm off the cookbook-author clock, I rarely cook a ...

Dec 2012
Kitchen Tools: Some Gift Ideas

You know, me and my kitchen -- we're pretty close. I've been with this one for over a dozen years and we've been through a lot together. Lots of laughs and fun times, some long cooking marathons, writing a bunch of cookbooks (10 maybe?), a few challenges working to get recipes just right (or, coming to terms with a recipe that just won't ever get to "quite right"), many explorations of new techniques/ingredients/preparations. The physical presentation of the room ...

Apr 2009

This is a simple little technique that I picked up somewhere in the course of my culinary development a couple of decades ago. I have a feeling it morphed out of having had that peler à vif  technique drummed into us at cooking school (a technique I use pretty often, as it happens). That link's in French but you easily get the idea. The one thing the video doesn't show is taking out the individual ...