Farming and Farmers Markets

Sep 2017
Lemon Verbena Inspirations

My lemon verbena is blooming like mad right now, so I clipped some yesterday to bring inside to accentuate the kitchen. As usual, I stripped spare leaves from lower part of the stems before popping them into the vase. So I stared at that pile of gorgeously aromatic herb leaves...hard to just toss in the compost when it offers so many possibilities. A syrup to use in cocktail? (One of ...

Jun 2015
Farmers Market Martini

You'd have to look really closely (and, likely, hold it against a white background) to notice, but this martini I just made has a very subtle pink hue. Which is solidly out of character for me. Usually once a glass holds more than just gin and a dainty splash of vermouth, I don't go in for calling it a martini any longer. I'm an annoying purist in that way. But since this ...

Jul 2014
Road Trip: Wenatchee

When my beloved 1992 Jetta was hit with some minor but worthy-of-being-deemed-'totaled' damage a couple of years ago, I got myself a new VW that invariably came with tons more automatic doodads and general smarts than my old car had. Even just getting a cup-holder and no longer hand-cranking the windows up and down was a huge advance. I hadn't quite expected the car to actively nudge me with notes on ...

May 2013
Market Day Potato Salad

I went a little nuts at the market today. It's Sunday, a prime market day in many neighborhoods around Paris. The closest/best to where I'm staying in the Marais is the Bastille market that spreads north of Place de la Bastille on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir. I went to the market last Sunday too (it's on Thursdays as well, I'll hit it one more time this coming week), but that was a more casual ...

Aug 2012
Glorious Guacamole

So, my next book Salty Snacks is going to be released last week of September.... After all those months creating and testing recipes, doing research, talking with countless folks about the world of salty snacks and some of their favorite preparations -- editing, tweaking, pacing in consternation, editing some more. This waiting now is almost the hardest part! To tide me over, I've at least got...

Jul 2012
A Canadian Canola Escapade: Saskatchewan

I took about a thousand pictures in this field bursting with yellow blossoms, set against the blue sky accented with white-and-silver clusters of clouds. Okay, I exaggerate. A bit. It was a few dozen perhaps. But I could have kept going if me and my fellow travelers didn't have yet another great meal to run off to.....  The place was somewhere outside the city of Saskatoon, capitol ...

Jun 2010

I think a new tactic I'll employ whenever travelling to a new place for the first time will be getting a pedicure on the first day there. That's how we found out about the secret location for getting our shrimp fix while in South Carolina last month. Warm weather, beaches, sandals, sunshine meant a prime time for getting our toes all primped up. So Sunday morning we were hanging out at the local mani/pedi ...

Aug 2009

What a phenomenal Saturday morning it was yesterday. It was such an honor to be asked to judge the Ready Set Go...Cook (friendly) competition at the University District Farmers Market, an annual affair that pits two Seattle chefs against each other using their pick of items from market vendors. My cohorts on the judging panel were Joe Gruber, Executive Director of the University District Food Bank and Joane McIntyre from Rents Due Ranch, a longtime market ...

Jul 2009

Just around the corner, on August 23, is one of the best chef-farmer food events in town each year. This will be the 5th annual Incredible Feast, an outstanding chance to visit with  farmers you see at the weekly markets around Seattle, in a setting that's not quite as frantic as a busy market day! Each of the 30 or so participating farmers showcases one or more of their signature ingredients, cooked up into a delicious treat by the chef ...

Oct 2008

I just got a notice about a speaking engagement featuring Michael Ableman this Friday evening , which I highly recommend for anyone in the area who can make it. Michael Ableman is one of those people who can be a bit hard to describe, but farmer-activist-speaker-photographer-storyteller sums him up to a small degree. I've had occasion to hear him speak twice at conferences in the past decade-plus and he remains one of the most inspiring, moving, engaging speakers I have ever ...