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Oct 2012

The Halloween Grinch

“Should I pick up some candy on the way home?” my husband asked this morning.


“So…we’ll just turn off the lights again?”

Yep. Can’t believe I’m admitting it. But really, I just don’t care much at all for this holiday. Never was into the whole idea of costumes & dress-up. And as you probably know by now, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, preferring things in the salty realm. I know, I know….I’m just an all-out Halloween grump. (On the flip side, my very favorite holiday is just around the corner: Thanksgiving. Good food, family & friends, relaxing around the table? Much more my style.)

A friend asked today if I had some salty treats in mind for trick-or-treaters. I didn’t have the heart to tell her my plan to be sitting quietly in the dark instead of doling out treats. Anyway, there’s probably no surer way to invite an egging of the house than to forgo sweets in favor of a little bag of crackers or kale chips.

But it’s got me thinking.

I think it’s time to create a new holiday. One where we dress up as ourselves and go house to house for little gifts of cheese, pork cracklings, freshly made potato chips, spiced bacon, seasoned olives, smoked salmon, all those savory delights that so many of us crave.

Though……… The more I think about it, it might be best to skip the wandering of neighborhood streets, add some gin, stay home and just call it a cocktail party. Maybe that’s what I’ll do on October 31 next year.

But I’m not giving up on the salty snack holiday. At least not yet. I’ll be taking suggestions on what it should be called. (I’m pretty sure Super Bowl is taken.) Let me know if you have any ideas. And if you’d join me in the celebration.

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November 27th, 2012 on 10:13 pm

I’m in! Will bring a few mixers for the gin.