Gourmet Game Night

Dec 2009

Scrabble Anniversary

This is what wasting time roaming around the Web will get you. The occasional “I can’t believe it!!” gem. I don’t recall how I originally ended up on the Laughing Squid web site, but one circuitous journey eventually found me on this link, a commercial project done by some creative folks at a company called Pes – all in celebration of Scrabble’s 60th anniversary a year or two ago. I never tire of a good clip of stop-motion ...

Nov 2009

My good friend Susan Volland pointed out a mistake in the book before it’s even gone to press. Egad, the nightmare of every author. (And I’m not kidding myself that there won’t be others that don’t go discovered for a while….) Thankfully it’s a small error, more a clarification than anything. I state in the acknowledgements that, in addition to have been a big help as a fresh pair of well-trained ...