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Dec 2010

Games for Food-Lovers

Games for Food-Lovers

When I began dreaming up the idea of Gourmet Game Night, I really wasn't sure exactly how many folks there were out there like me. How many inhabit that cross-section where people who love good food co-mingle with people who love to play board games/cards/dominoes/etc? I had to hope that the potential audience wasn't a tiny one. Response to the book's been ...

Feb 2010

Mmmmmmm……. Bacon!

I shouldn't be at all surprised. In fact, I expected to be proven wrong. And, honestly, I'm kind of happy about it. One of the recipes in my book is no great revelation, aside from perhaps the new game-friendly presentation. Those small loaves of cocktail bread--long and slender, producing slices about 2-inches square--are one of the boons for game-night eats. There's little limit to what you can serve on them. The example I chose to showcase the options ...