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Sep 2013
Snacking with Style: Bubbles and Popcorn

It was one of those moments that I wish I had anticipated having my camera ready. The place was the venerable Canlis restaurant in Seattle. The occasion was very rare lunchtime gathering as the venue of choice for a trade gathering with Ferrari sparkling wines from the cooler northern region of Italy, the Adige Valley near the impressive Dolomite Mountains. And the moment was when the celebrated winemaker was told of a potential food pairing for his sparkling wine that he ...

Apr 2013
Deviled Eggs: Never Out of Style

It's been the case at every party in recent memory that I've been at when deviled eggs are on hand. They're simply a magnet. There may be tons of other great food on hand, but folks spring into action around those eggs...and the plate's usually the first one to be emptied. I'll admit to having a bit of an eagle-eye for them. When someone new arrives at the door and I see ...

Jan 2012

When I was working on Gourmet Game Night and talking with folks about it upon its release, I was a little surprised sometimes at the interpretation of the "game" element. In my head, of course, it was firmly framed around a gathering of friends playing dominoes or poker and wanting to eat well, but eat without the mess of sloppy finger food (slices of greasy pizza and orange-dusted Cheetos) and distraction of traditional dinnertime fare (big plates with knives and ...

Jul 2011

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Trailers are for movies, right? Or maybe for hipster curbside no-fuss dining establishments. But actually, trailers are now for cookbooks, too. And other books that show up on shelves each year. I'd never heard the concept of a cookbook trailer until a matter of months ago, when I started seeing/hearing friends talk about trailers they were working on, or seeing links they posted on Twitter. In this modern age, book promotion takes on many forms, no more just a ...

Apr 2011

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It's pretty easy to get wrapped up in all the great food options that surround an ideal game night scenario: mini serving dishes, favorite game-friendly ingredients (endive leaves, cocktail bread, mini tart shells), fun little picks and skewers to use, finger-food menu plans and such. But at some point you and your guests are going to get a bit thirsty! What's a game night host to do? In my opinion the thing you shouldn'tdo is try to be the master mixologist on game night. ...

Feb 2011

Yep, she's right. My pal Tracy Schneider imagined aloud in a blog post that when I wrote Gourmet Game Night I was likely "thinking of Scrabble, poker or backgammon" rather than football. I don't care much for the game, actually. Never watch during regular season. The last Super Bowl I watched was when the Seahawks played and you know how that game went! I get worked up too easily and just can't take that kind of stress.... But it warmed the ...

Jan 2011

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Is it just me, or did this recent transition from one year to the next come with a larger-than-usual dose of year-end lists? Both of the looking-back-on-what-happened this past year and the ever popular crystal-ball-gaze toward what the coming year may hold. And food trends certainly stand out as one of the most popular themes that get scrutinized at year's end. I maxed out pretty quickly, but was thrilled when a friend posted a link to this year-end list to beat ...

Oct 2010

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Round or flat? It's a debate that dates back centuries. Or at least had, until folks realized that those schooners didn't slip off the edge of the Earth when adventurers went exploring. But it's a debate that came back to life as I was brainstorming recipes for this book. I was thinking about including mini pizzas and baby biscuits among the game-friendly fare of the collection. Then I started to wonder ...

Aug 2010

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I'm so thrilled that Crate & Barrel is carrying Gourmet Game Night! Not only carrying the book, but as I understand things the book is due to be part of a special display during the fall months building up to the holidays. Woo-hoo! What a great match for the book. Crate & Barrel does, after all, feature a phenomenal array of dishes, glassware, small plates, picks and such that make game night entertaining a breeze. I'll be doing a ...

Apr 2010

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Sometimes I'm kind of sheepish about creating a recipe that just seems SO simple that there's almost nothing to it. But then I'm constantly reminded that, in fact, there's probably no such thing as being too simple (like too rich or too thin?). This is just one of those recipes. Throw a few things in the food processor, purée a few moments, spoon onto a wedge of pita. You're good to go! In the book, I top the spread with small ...