Delicious Events

Sep 2013
Culinary Conversation on San Juan Island

It's funny, much as I usually abhor ruts and routine, I can be quite the creature of habit sometimes. Which, in the case of visiting the San Juan Islands in the Northwest corner of Washington state, comes in the form of me heading 99.9% of the time to Orcas, dating back to trips made there with my family as far back as I can remember. Which is one of many reasons why I'm so looking ...

Sep 2012

One of my mother's favorite quotes came from none other than Michelangelo -- the translation I remember seeing in clipping-form on her refrigerator cited it as "...and still I am learning." It's a quote I think about often. In this back-to-school week I'm personally thankful to not be starting high school for the first time again. There's some learning I'm more than happy to count in my past. But how boring would life be if everything we knew today constituted ...

Apr 2012
A Day with Dario: the Butcher-Philosopher

It doesn't take much to motivate me to hop on the train and head south to Portland. Though some motivations are more pronounced than others. As was the case last week when rock-star butcher Dario Cecchini was in town. Soon as I'd heard word of his pending visit a few months back, I'd been inspired to see the man work. Not because I'm a butchery fanatic. But because I've come to relish any opportunity to gain first-hand, direct insights into the ...

Apr 2011
Edible Books 2011: Judging for Taste

I had a punderful time last weekend, arriving late Saturday morning at the Good Shepherd Center in Wallingford just as folks were showing up with their entries for the 7th annual Seattle Edible Book Festival. I'd heard about the festival a couple of years ago, seen the Flickr postings of entries from years past, some of which you can see here. Out of the blue a couple months ...

Mar 2011
Wines of Washington: Dynamic & Delicious

There was a time when I really did try to keep up. In years past I was not only covering the local wine scene a bit more directly when I was food editor of Seattle magazine. But I also traveled to Bordeaux, France, with the team from the Washington Wine Commission to translate at the booth for VinExpo (the world's largest wine trade show, or at least it was at the time, early 2000s). I tried to stay on ...

May 2010

It has been SO much fun spreading the word about the release of my latest book, Gourmet Game Night, because the basic premise of the book is all about having fun. I like to think that previous books I worked on had their merits: tasty reliable recipes, interesting stories and perspectives on foods and cooking. But this one is different. When I bring up games with folks, more often than not their eyes light up and they smile, ...

Sep 2009

I was chatting with the butcher at my neighborhood grocery store about lamb on a recent visit. I wanted to do a simple braise-stew but time was short, didn't want to fiddle with trimming shoulder (blade) meat from the bone, nor rely on leaner leg steaks that are less unctuous for braising. He told me that some English customers mentioned they braise the whole bone-in shoulder steaks and later just lift out the bones when the meat's all delightfully tender. (He also told ...

Aug 2009

My Dinner with Julia

Julia Child's birthday was on August 15, the towering mentor to generations of food lovers in this country would have been 97 years old. Usually it's an annual event that garners plenty of its own attention, with media tributes and themed dinners in countless homes across America. But this year was a little different. THE movie -- Julie & Julia -- was released a week prior. An overflowing stockpot of discussion, reflection, praise, and controversy flowed in virtually every outlet ...

Aug 2009

What a phenomenal Saturday morning it was yesterday. It was such an honor to be asked to judge the Ready Set Go...Cook (friendly) competition at the University District Farmers Market, an annual affair that pits two Seattle chefs against each other using their pick of items from market vendors. My cohorts on the judging panel were Joe Gruber, Executive Director of the University District Food Bank and Joane McIntyre from Rents Due Ranch, a longtime market ...

Jul 2009

Just around the corner, on August 23, is one of the best chef-farmer food events in town each year. This will be the 5th annual Incredible Feast, an outstanding chance to visit with  farmers you see at the weekly markets around Seattle, in a setting that's not quite as frantic as a busy market day! Each of the 30 or so participating farmers showcases one or more of their signature ingredients, cooked up into a delicious treat by the chef ...